Works of Moroccan emerging artists and young talents

Moroccan modern and contemporary artists of the 1990-2010 Period represent the style of current Moroccan art which draws its inspiration from world latest artistic trends. Artists such as Hassan Bourkia, Hassan Echair, Younes Rahmoun, Abderrahim Iqbi, Ahmed Hajoubi, and Mohamed El Baz, are characterized by a tendency to export Moroccan art while decrying the society’s failure to act and infringing the rules and the politically correct.

Two artistic attitudes can be distinguished in this regard: an attitude which extends the plastic research in the "classical" space of the painting through innovative themes and techniques; the other one is directed towards the layout of the artistic creation through installations, performances and photography.

HASSAN BOURKIA (né en 1956) - Sans titre, Technique mixte sur toile, 2012, 130X170 YASMINA ALAOUI ET MARCO GUERRA - Masque, 2008, Traitement numérique sur tirage photographique (Edition unique)
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