Works of Moroccan transition artists

At the end of the 70’s, a new generation progressively freed itself from its predecessors in order to evolve towards another reflection about the position of Man within his society and environment. This movement was taken over by Meki Meghara, Saad Ben Cheffaj, Mohamed Kacimi and Saad Hassani. These artists introduced in their works figures and characters presented in simplified forms and placed amid an abstract environment. This trend was called Moroccan « Free Figuration ». It is still present in contemporary creation.

MEKI MEGARA (1933 - 2009) - Composition, 1978, Technique mixte sur toile, 100 x 143 cm MOHAMED KACIMI (1942-2003) - Le Tourbillon, 1999, Huile sur toile, 154 x 130 cm SAAD BEN CHEFFAJ (NÉ EN 1939) - Composition,1981, Technique mixte sur panneau, 162 x 100 cm

In the 80’s, Moroccan artists moved from the idea of progress to the focus on the individual and his aspirations. Thus, art was no longer considered as a partisan rhetoric but rather as an expression of the “self” in which the artist meets his audience. This trend is found among painters such as Moa Bennani, Fouad Bellamine, Abdelkébir Rabi’ and Saâd Hassani, and also Abbés Saladi who expresses his view of the worlds and religions by inventing a new language, in the style of surrealists. 

FOUAD BELLAMINE (Né en 1950) - Sans titre, Technique mixte sur toile, 1991, 125 x 87 cm MOHAMED MOA BENNANI (NÉ EN 1943) - Composition, 2007, Huile sur toile, 100 x 90 cm ABDELKEBIR RABI (NÉ EN 1944) - Composition, 2006, Huile sur toile, 120 x 100 cm
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