Other missions

In addition to its fundamental missions, Bank Al-Maghrib is entrusted with other related tasks:

  • The Bank acts as financial advisor to the Government. It accomplishes its mission within the economic and financial policy of the government
  • It represents the Government in the international financial and monetary institutions established to promote cooperation in the monetary and financial fields
  • It also takes part in the negotiation of international financial agreements on behalf of the government and in their implementation. It signs all conventions necessary for the technical implementation of these agreements

Bank Al-Maghrib also acts as the financial agent of the Treasury, in charge of its operations abroad, and takes part in negotiations of international financial agreements of Morocco. In fact, it is responsible, under the conditions laid down by the regulation, for operations of issuance, conversion and settlement of public debts and, in general, for the financial service of the bonds issued by the state. Moreover, Bank Al-Maghrib sets up the monetary and financial strategies of the country.

Bank Al-Maghrib develops and publishes many periodic publications, including:

  • The Annual Report presented to his majesty the king
  • The Report on the Control, Activity and Results of Credit* Institutions
  • The Report on Systems and Means of Payment
  • The Financial Stability Report, prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Transferable Securities Board
  • The quarterly Monetary Policy Report
  • The monthly Economic, Monetary and Financial Bulletin
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