Core values

The values of Bank Al-Maghrib are common principles which reflect its beliefs and practices. These guiding principles, which dictate the Bank’s actions and decisions in fulfilling its mission and achieving its vision, are embodied in each and every specific instance both internally, namely in the behavior of its staff, and externally, in its relations with the outside world.

Bank Al-Maghrib’s core values represent its image, underlie its cohesion, give way to a productive and rewarding work environment, and make of the Bank the recognized institution of today. These are:

»  Governance : Besides its commitment to the principles of sound governance in its organization and operation practices, Bank Al-Maghrib seeks to anchor the culture of ethics within its community. Owing to its independence and financial autonomy, the Bank fulfills its mandate in accordance with its statutes, defines the strategic priorities arising thereof and ensures their follow-up, monitoring and evaluation. In this regard, the Bank has developed an appropriate organization and ensures a collegial and collaborative decision making process.

 »  Transparency : As a guarantee of good governance, transparency was defined by Bank Al-Maghrib as an obligation toward the public, its partners and its employees. It is committed to informing them about its decisions, in due time and in a clear manner, by explaining their foundations, ensuring their understanding and enabling them to access information. Moreover, The Bank’s financial statements are made public, thus giving a clear view of its operations and its financial situation.

»  Compliance : Bank Al-Maghrib is committed to complying with the legal and regulatory frameworks in force. Also, owing to its relations with other central banks and with international institutions, it aligns with the best practices and standards affecting its activity. Whether in its actions or decisions, BAM continually seeks compliance in order to contain the risks thereto and to build trust. 

»  Efficiency : To achieve its strategic objectives and accomplish its missions, Bank Al-Maghrib endeavors to ensure an optimum allocation of resources. Owing to its rigorous financial discipline, BAM is in an ongoing quest for efficiency and makes of it both a criterion of daily management and an axis of evaluating its performance. It acts effectively and quickly, while advocating the wish to constantly improve the quality of its services.  

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