Commemorative Banknotes And Coins


Commemorative Banknotes

25 DH (2012)

As part of celebrating the 57th anniversary of Independence, Bank Al -Maghrib put into circulation commemorative banknotes with a face value of 25 Dirhams whose issuing coincides with the 25th anniversary of the inauguration of Dar As- Sikkah. 

Four million two hundred thousand (4,200,000 ) banknotes were issued, including a limited serie of 200 000 notes numbered from 000 د س 00 001 to  200 د 00  س 000 for collectors . 

The commemorative note, whose design and manufacturing, were conducted by teams from Dar As- Sikkah, is printed on a special substrate, composed of a polymer layer inserted between two paper layers

Commemorative banknote issued to celebrate the 25th anniversary of dar As-Sikkah. It is the first bannote in the world to prinedt ona special substrate, composed of a polymer layer inserted between two paper layers.


50 Dirhams (2009)

On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, Bank Al Maghrib put into circulation in 2009 , a commemorative note of 50 Dirhams . 

This denomination includes on its front portraits of kings Mohammed VI , Hassan II and Mohammed V which also appear on a holographic stripe as well as a printed royal crown with a color-changing ink depending on the angle of view . 

On the back is a thumbnail representing the Bank Al-Maghrib headquarters in Rabat. It is crossed by a windowed security thread with changing color from pink to green. The thread includes in Arabic letters the expression "Bank Al-Maghrib" and the see-through number "50 ".


Commemorative coins

Each year, Bank Al-Maghrib issues commemorative coins to celebrate various occasions ( national, international, religious, sports …).

These coins are intended for numismatists and collectors, and  are available for sale at the bank's counters and at the museum.

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