As a regulatory authority, Bank Al-Maghrib attaches great importance to establishing a strong devotion to duty, as the confidence it inspires among the public and its partners (government, customers and operators) is its major asset. There can be no confidence without integrity, a cornerstone of good governance.

Since 2005, the Bank has gradually built a structured ethics organization through a participatory approach in order to win the support of all, enacting a code of ethics applicable to the Governor of the Bank and to all staff members and a specific code to the Board members, together with a whistleblowing system.

Furthermore, several awareness campaigns on ethics are undertaken annually with the goal of entrenching ethics in the Bank. In terms of control, verification procedures are also provided every year by both the Internal Audit (third line of defense) and by a central unit responsible for ethics (second line of defense) in order to ensure compliance with ethical provisions.

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