In 1987, Morocco established its own national banknote printing and minting works called Dar As-Sikkah.


Dar As-Sikkah was inaugurated on March  5th, 1987 by His Majesty Late King Hassan II, making Bank Al-Maghrib part of the prestigious circle of central banks having their own currency manufacturing facility.

In addition to printing banknotes and minting coins, Dar As-Sikkah was entrusted from the beginning with the production of the national passport. Its unique expertise in Morocco and its vast experience in the field of security printing enabled it to quickly become a privileged partner of many ministries and public institutions that used its services for manufacturing their  security documents.

Inauguration of Dar As-Sikkah by His Majesty late Hassan II , in 1987


Dar As-Sikkah portfolio contains a wide range of  security  documents, including visa stickers, stamps and checkbooks as well as many other  security  documents.
Ensuring the industrial competitiveness of Dar As-Sikkah has always been at the heart of Bank Al-Maghrib concerns. In 1992, the Bank set a second production line of banknotes, giving more production capacity to Dar As-Sikkah.


The reputation of this industrial hub soon became well-established internationally, with the printing, since 1995, of foreign banknotes.

In 2008, the Bank started a large-scale project to modernize the manufacturing equipments of Dar As-Sikkah.


In 2009, the first Moroccan biometric passport was produced in a facility that was designed and built specifically to house the activities of manufacturing and personalization of this new generation of passports.


Today, Dar As-Sikkah capitalized an expertise and a know-how in  the field of security printing, recognized internationally.


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