Policy objectives

The Procurement Department has general competence to carry out purchasing operations on behalf of the Bank. The Department sets out the procurement policy, in line with the strategy of the Bank and the relevant regulations, develops the procurement plan, and sees to its implementation. It includes:

  • The Procurement Management Division, in charge of planning procurements in collaboration with the ordering entities, implementing the annual procurement program and ensuring its assessment. This division is organized by category of procurement: (1) Technology and Intellectual Services’ Procurements , (2) Procurement of equipment, raw materials and production supplies; (3) General  Procurements, buildings, furniture and operational equipment purchases; (4) Procurements relating to events, catering, communications, numismatics and art works.
  • Procurement Compliance and Performance Division that ensures the regularity and compliance of the procurement process and provides advice on compliance regularity of records and consulting modes, as well as on all compliance matters that may arise throughout the execution of a service.
  • The Internal Control Unit, whichensures 1st level- 2nd degree control of all activities of the Department according to a risk-based approach.

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