The architectural heritage of Bank Al-Maghrib

Bank Al-Maghrib’s history is a reflection of five and a half decades of development in postcolonial Morocco. It is also part of an ongoing improvement process entailing new challenges for the future.

Being in the process of modernization, the Bank is also the heir to a rich historical past particularly illustrated by its architectural design, which combines modernity and authenticity, in perfect symbiosis. The building is a mark of an identity and an expression of wealth impacted by several influences and architectural styles. 

Evolution of the architectural history of Morocco is actually well interpreted in the sites of Bank Al-Maghrib. For more information:

 The architectural heritage of Bank Al-Maghrib
Photos of Bank Al-Maghrib’s architectural heritage and scenes of its historical everyday life

Central Administration - Rabat

Casablanca subsidiary

Branch of Fes

Branch of Larache

Branch of Meknes

Branch of El Jadida

Branch of Settat

Branch of Laayoun

Branch of Tetouan

Branch of Marrakech

Branch of Agadir

Branch of Tanger

Old branch of Chaoun

Branch of Oujda

Branch of Ouarzazate

Branch of Kenitra

Old branch of Al Hoceïma

Branch of Beni-Mellal

Branch of Nador

Branch of Safi

Branch of Taza

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