Right of access to banking services

By virtue of Law No 103-12 on credit institutions and similar bodies, any person who does not have a bank account and who has been refused by one or more banks to open such an account, despite his/her request by a registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, can send a request to Bank Al-Maghrib to appoint a credit institution in which s/he can open this account.

When it judges that the refusal is not well-founded, Bank Al-Maghrib shall appoint the credit institution in which the account shall be opened. Services related to the account opening can be limited to cash transactions only. 

  • Address: Bank Al-Maghrib, 27 Avenue Hassan II –Casablanca
  • For any assistance(guidance, procedure, outcome of the request), call: 05 22 47 81 00 and/or 05 22 47 80 00

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