Banking mediation

Created in March 2014, the main mission of the Moroccan Center for Banking Mediation "CMMB" is to ensure the amicable settlement of litigations arising or likely to arise between Customers and Credit Institutions.

This mediation measure does not replace the Credit Institutions processing of their Customer’s claims; but intervenes after exhaustion of internal remedies at their level. Customers must refer in writing to their Credit Institution of their litigation before appealing to the CMMB. The use of this measure is voluntary.

Two mediation measures are available:

  • Institutional mediation, pertaining to disputes between the parties where the amount involved is equal to or less than one million dirhams. In this context, the Ombudsman's decisions are binding to credit institutions when the related amount does not exceed 100,000 dirhams. This service if free of charge
  • Conventional mediation, to resolve disputes where the amount exceeds one million dirhams. This is a paying service

 The CMMB intervenes on all issues related to its field of competence, namely:

  • The management of current accounts, deposit accounts, savings accounts, means of payment, banking transactions, the implementation of commitments made in the context of banking contracts, accounting entries, bank insurance and accounts closure
  • The difficulties of payment by small or medium-sized enterprise (TPME) of bank loans
  • The unmet repayment terms of granted loans
  • The issuance of documents to customers (release, amortization schedule, certificates of outstanding amounts, etc.)

Issues related to debts collection by Credit Institutions are excluded from the scope of mediation. 

The customers of a credit institution can appeal to the CMMB via mail, email or to deposit their claim directly to the Center’s headquarters.   

Information about contacts of the CMMB are available in its website:  

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