Credit Cards

A credit card is plastic token, with a magnetic stripe and/or a chip, used as a payment instrument to carry out:

  • payment of purchases and services, from suppliers having a card-reading "payment terminal" or a in vending machine
  • cash withdrawals at ATMs
  • Internet payment, etc


There are several categories of cards:

  • Payment card: Any bank card issued by a credit institution as defined in Article I of law No. 34-03 on credit institutions and similar bodies, and allowing its holder to withdraw and transfer funds
  • Credit card: Any card entitling its holder to refund the paid or withdrawn money in a given deadline
  • ATM card: Any bank card issued by a credit institution allowing its owner to withdraw funds only

Other types of card

  • Charge card: Any card issued by a nonbanking institution, which can be used only in some outlets. It is usually attached to a credit line
  • Wallet card: also called E-wallet, it is a prepaid card which accepts credit and debit orders (rechargeable)


In Morocco, bank cards are governed by:

  • The Commercial Code (articles 329 to 333)
  • Agreements between banking institutions (issuers) and customers (holders of payment instruments)
  • Agreements between the payment system and the subscribing traders

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