Fund for the Financial Support of VSMEs

The Fund for Financial Support to VSMEs was set up in July 2014 at the initiative of Bank Al-Maghrib, the Moroccan Professional Bank Group (GPBM), and the Central Guarantee Fund (CCG). 

Its objective is to co-finance, in parallel with bank loans, operations aiming to restore and reinforce the resilience of the VSMEs, deemed to be viable, but still experiencing temporary difficulties. 

This joint credit, repayable over a maximum period of 10 years, is granted at a fixed rate equal to the weighted average rate of issuing 5-year T-bonds, for the Fund’s share. As for the banking share, the rate is freely negotiable without exceeding the above rate plus 150 basis points. 

The Fund’s assistance consists in granting a subordinated loan of up to 50 million dirhams. 

The Fund primarily targets the micro-businesses: 

  • whose accounts are not doubtful or compromised
  • who are operating in all sectors of activity. However, priority is given to those  operating in the industrial and export sectors 
  • whose turnover does not exceed 175 million dirhams

Nonetheless, "middle-sized Companies"(ETI) may, exceptionally, benefit from the Fund’s assistance.

VSMEs may directly contact their bank agencies to request financing from the Fund.

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