Production of banknotes

Banknotes are highly secured products whose manufacturing requires specific know-how and a high level of technical knowledge. They must inspire public confidence and therefore be equipped with performing security features and be easily recognized by the public.

In addition, banknotes must meet aesthetic, ease of use and durability requirements.

The facilities available in Dar As-Sikkah and its qualified human resources allow it to combine skill, art and technology to create complex and highly secure products.


Dar As-Sikkah designs and develops its products using a CAD solution developed specifically for the design of banknotes and security documents.

Originals and printing plates are manufactured directly based on the design files.


Dar As-Sikkah has the latest equipment that cover a variety of printing processes of banknotes and security documents:


Indirect printing process uses a special machine of great precision, allowing the simultaneous printing of patterns on the front and back of the note.


This method also enables the printing of some security features, such as the  See-through register  as well as anti-copy patterns.

Commemorative banknote on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Dar As-Sikkah. First banknote in the world to be printed on special substrate made of a polymer layer, inserted between two paper layers.

Year of Issue : 2012


Dedicated exclusively to security printing, this direct printing process at high pressure allows to print lines of great finesse and tactile effect relief patterns, allowing notes to reflect an aesthetic appearance. It also represents a security feature easily recognized by the public.

This process also allows printing the latent image and the patterns for the visually impaired.


This printing method enables printing, with special inks, security elements with optically variable effects.


A direct printing process that allows to print a unique serial number on each banknote thanks to an electronic numbering machine.



Process for applying a varnish layer on banknotes specifically designed to protect them against the vagaries of circulation and offer them better durability.


Dar As-Sikkah has fully automated equipment that ensures cutting, quality control per sheet or note, counting and packaging of banknotes, without any human intervention.

Moroccan banknotes

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